Songs About Tanks


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Songs About Tanks is released on Breakfast Records March 11th 2017.



released March 11, 2017




all rights reserved


SLONK Bristol, UK

Sad lofi pop/folk/emo/country/whatever music made largely by one man in a bedroom


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Track Name: We're Both Going To Be Fine
If nothing had changed,
Would it have helped me out?
You don't feel the same
And I understand.
Nothing's the same
But I'll help you out.
Nothing's the same now.

I kind of guessed something was wrong,
Didn't want to believe
Should've bit my lip just to prolong,
This overwhelming grief
Now I live at my parents house
And my brothers sheets
don't keep me warm; they don't smell of you
So I'll never sleep the same
But I'll help you out.
I know you sleep the same
But that doesn't help
There is no time to these days;
Every minute's a freeze frame
Where I blame myself.

This list of loss is so long
I've no time to read
There's a cloud of what it was
Over everything
And I've been trying to think
If it's you or the past that I still love
But I don't think I'll ever solve that.

For all it hurts, I'm a big boy now.
And you need to work on being nice to yourself.
Because you're perfect.
You're my best friend.
And we're both going to be fine.
Track Name: How To Digest Shards
You come to see me now
Through innocent eyes and watch how
I was once spoiled for choice
Now can't even voice what that means
Quietly sure of yourself;
Yet to foresee just how
You will gobble your choices
With an unblemished greed,
My subsequent disappointment
Could fill magazines
You said "I liked you better when you were like me"
Awash with concurrence,
I ask you to leave

You can hide;
Running in circles.
But you're still running away.

This heart is black and tarred
But still, it's beating.
Adjust to digest shards
So it doesn't sting.

You're still here;
You're still running away.

I can't despair if I haven't got the time;
I can't repair if I haven't got the time.
I can't depend on you;
I can't depend on myself.
I wish I could send you this letter...
Track Name: Pathetic Fallacy
It's the evenings that hurt most,
Because I'm distracted as my own host.
My mind tangles with barbed thoughts
Until I can't see.

I can't yet lay down this wreath.
If I don't allow it's happening, are you stuck here?
A gallant defeat is the facade I've conjured
But they see - the languish, unclad trees,
They creep over Portland Square and snarl at me.
They know I'm just a human.
Why don't they help me?

I see I'm a stranger in my own house
I see you sharing it with someone else
I see you taking our photos down
Like it meant nothing.

These heartstrings will never brake
They are splintered only
But that stings more than I'd dreamed.
If I were half the person this would be easier for me;
If I could just be angry and blame him
I'd at least have a goal.
I'd still have a soul.

I'm the same as I was six years ago
If something's changed, it's you
But I still love you
What does that make me?
Track Name: China Skis
I should use this situation
To do a little more for me
A change in job direction
Maybe something I don't hate
But I'll always be as redundant
As a pair of China Skis
I hope you get that reference
I know Josh Jarman will at least...

Maybe if I had any aspirations at all
I could dream of Fridays that don't tell me
That I'm allowed to dress down
Even sad kings get to wear a crown
And I'm too comfy on this throne
I was content with sharing nothing
Now I have nothing on my own.
Track Name: Walking Backwards
I've been walking backwards
So I don't see it coming
But I walk in circles...
My sight's self-humbled
By these rose-tinted goggles
I bought for myself
But they're not enough;
They make no difference at all

Why do I beg
When everything I said was enough?
Abrade me down.

I got the sea view at a hotel
no one visits, or knows about
And I slept there all day
Next to my suitcase stuffed with bibles,
Bars of soap and fresh towels
It was the loneliest I've ever woke
It makes no difference;
Let the bath run

Why do I beg
When everything I said was enough?
Abrade me down with that file
Until I'm as smooth as the skies
That surround my hotel

Sat next to you
The hardest thing to do is know
Hate's a chore.
Track Name: Bridges
Looks like I'm right...

This is what you wanted
And still it's me who takes your bullets
But it was always my armor you wore...

How can I burn my bridges
When there's nothing below?
How do I keep these voices
At the back of my throat?
I want to find his prints on the corpse
Because I feel I've been framed
I want to change my passwords at work
Because they're all of your name
But they don't expire
For yet another 14 days
By then I'll be higher up in the rubble
For now I'll sleep with our corpse

Looks like I'm right...

Knowing there's no way back from this...
Knowing is something I'll sorely miss...

The biggest problem is it's not your fault,
So I still think you'll be there when I start to fall,
At least my jealousy was accurate,
I wish I'd told you what I really thought
Track Name: All At Once
I'm free.
But free's not a good thing,
Free is just a new thing I have to deal with now.
I feel for Nat & Nathan,
Who's going to sing with me in the mornings now?

I want that back.
I'm fucking burning now.

A stranger is a hero,
A hero to me
Because they don't ask me anything.
I'll be alright in a while,
Right now I can't smile
And gestures are interim

I want that back...

All at once,
I'm free.
But free is not a good thing;
Free is a coffin
With air holes and windows out
Track Name: Loratadine
The only things that time has taught me,
Is that i miss you so much and I can't buy myself to sleep.
And hoping will only hinder
How fast I can crawl back
And hope is diminishing, as speed.
I know we need our space
But I've gained so much of that,
I could get lost for days.

I thought of you again,
because I'm just walking.
I thought I heard your name,
but it's strangers talking.
I thought I could escape,
But I've got to be somewhere;
The reminders are in my head
And the voices that keep me from thinking,
Are now to hoarse to speak

The album that we started,
I can promise that I will try and finish it for you.
I was the one who encouraged you; I love those songs
I want you to be proud of them, for you.

I take antihistamines,
The pack warns of drowsy
But the adjectives make the bribe,
Cos I'm still up, chain smoking
If it was quantity of prayer
That I neglected,
You just weren't listening.
I still can't believe I have to write this down.

You think your day has arrived
But it's just the same as mine;
I was once that friend who lied, you see?
And you think that time will tell
But I can promise that it'll never be alright with me
And whilst this hurts like hell,
I can become someone else
But for now you'll see my Blue Tin's green
Track Name: Tin Foil
I was hoping to find you
And I know that you wanted me there too
I showed you all in one arm's breadth
And I count your heartbeats as my head sits on your chest
Is this silver lining or tin foil
hiding something disguarded beneath fresh soil?

I can't tell you how much
It meant to be beside you,
Looking at the walls as you slept
and wishing I could too, like we used to
Just like we used to
Just like we're supposed to